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We are a niche advisory and outsourcing company in domain of banking and foreign exchange risk management. We started operations in 2011 and since then we have been helping SME corporate across India to reduce their overall finance cost and manage the currency risk on import- export transactions.


Our team is young and comprises of ex bankers; professionals from corporate finance, rating industry, treasury and FEMA compliance.  Our promoter before starting Edugains, have worked for 12 years in a bank and a corporate and have hands on knowledge of corporate finance and its inter linkages with FX markets. They hold MBA from IIM Ahmadabad.

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Who we serve

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We specialize in working with SME corporates across sectors. Most of our clients are in range of Rs 20 cr to Rs 600 cr of sales. We understand the unique challenges faced by SMEs. Over a quick conversation with a prospective client, we can identify key issues that it would be facing in banking and FX management. This ability to connect well with SMEs, help us develop a solution which suits their immediate and long term business needs. Some of the sectors that we understand really well are –








Oil & Gas

Food Industry


Our approach to client engagement

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We provide customised and personalised solution to client’s business need. And we mean it!
For example, we know change of bank is difficult and therefore we have developed expertise to reduce overall finance cost from client’s existing bank. In another example, we know that SMEs have limited collateral security to give. Our solution helps SME migrate from collateral based borrowing to cash flow based borrowing and this releases the collateral security. On FX front, we become like an outsourced treasury team for client and take care of every possible issue regarding currency markets- be it booking of best rate for a transaction; be it monitoring  currency fluctuation and deciding on hedging or deciding when to take USD loan and when to take INR loan.
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