Treasury & Banking Solutions


»  Deliver improved exchange rate on import-export transactions for foreign currency loans.

»  Reduce overall interest outgo

»  Interest reduction by using better product, minimizing hidden charges etc (preferably without change of bank)

»  Manage portfolio of foreign currency loans using scientific approach and reduce the cost

Hedging solutions


» Advisory and Execution

»  Design customized hedge program according to business needs. Suggest on aspects like – How much to hedge, when to hedge, ideal period, how much hedging ratio to be changed with change in market.

»  Monitor hedge program and advise on mid course correction–early utilization or cancellation

» Execution of each hedge transaction to ensure transparent and fair pricing by bank

Audit & reduction of interest & bank charges


»  Monthly audit of interest charged by bank and other transaction level charges

»  Audit of FX and hedging transactions

»  Reversal if charged incorrectly

»  Find areas where costs can be reduced

Fresh Borrowings


»  Loans for expansion purposes or working capital

»  Bank borrowings Vs CP /Bonds 

»  Negotiating clauses related to interest, prepayment and other non financial clauses to keep sanction letter transparent and fair



»  Compliance audit

»  Transaction structuring

» Compliance advisory – ECB, ODI, FDI

»  Return filing – ECB, FCGPR, FCTRS, APR

Economic research


»  Customized research for business decisions

»  Daily/Monthly market research report

»  Early recognition of trends and implication on interest rates and currencies

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